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rise & set


Branded museum and exhibition concept. A historical experience which tells the story of three brave Japanese-American women.


Rise & Set follows the story of three young girls, Ume Tsuda, Shige Nagai Uriu, and Sutematsu Yamakawa Oyama. In the mid-1800s, Japan began to trade with the west.  In order to catch up with the western world, they sent young girls to America to receive a western education, come back to Japan, and help move the country forward. The youngest, was just six years old. None spoke English at first, and by the time they went back, some could not remember Japanese. They spent the rest of their lives educating women in Japan and helping their nation modernize. Inspired in part by my time studying abroad in Japan, the museum exhibition and experience is divided in three parts which represents the three girls, and the three parts of each girl’s story: childhood, the time in America, and the return to Japan. I chose the name “Rise & Set” to reflect the cyclical nature of their story, as well as the relationship between east and west.

category is…

layout design, web design, app design, animation, social media presence

art direction:

dermot mccormack, scott laserow

photography by:

austen hart