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High-end modern Scandinavian home products with traditional Viking designs. Features simple, elegant products and materials.


This project is named after the old Norse word for haven, because each of the products is designed with simplicity and comfort in mind. Each product is based off the Scandinavian concepts of hygge (hoo-guh) and lag om. These mantras boil down to two basic ideas: that you should be comfortable and happy in your home, and that you should have neither too much, nor too little. I wanted these modern ideals to connect back to ancient Scandinavia, where the Vikings lived. I began by researching the eras of Viking art and design, and created six products, one for each era. I designed, created, and photographed a lap desk, a reading lamp, reversible pillows, a robe, a pair of slippers, and a set of coasters. Each product features a unique design showcased on natural materials.

category is…

product design, illustration, layout design, photography, web design

art direction:

scott laserow

photography by:

austen hart