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cryptozoology road trip


Illustrated map and guide for a road trip. Guides users on a trip visiting cryptids of the west. Features Bigfoot, el Chupacabra, and more.


This project began as a foldable map and guide about whatever we wanted. I chose cryptozoology because I have always thought the idea of mythical creatures living just out of view was very funny. I chose cryptids that I thought were interesting and would be fun to illustrate. I then created an itinerary around the idea that even if you didn’t manage to spot one, you could still have fun travelling around country at cryptid-themed locations like the Bigfoot Diner in Willow Creek, California. The interactive app delved deeper into the profile of each cryptid and cryptid-themed location.

category is…

illustration, layout design, interactive design

art direction:

mikey burton, scott laserow

photography by:

austen hart