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banned books


Illustrated book covers and slip cover. Books banned for containing references to magic. Features The Wizard of Oz, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Chronicles of Narnia.


This project encompassed three book covers and a slip case for the series. I wanted to design book covers that had a ‘reveal’ to them- the way that the books themselves have a ‘reveal.’ All three stories reveal that magic exists just beyond our reality, and the protagonists of each story must navigate these magical worlds. The slip case pulls apart to reveal the book inside, and the dust jackets of the books themselves come of to reveal a far more intricate illustration inside. I chose black and white silhouettes because I wanted my covers to be different and more sophisticated than traditional children’s book covers.

category is…

illustration, branding

art direction:

mikey burton, scott laserow

photography by:

austen hart